Apart from Ethernet Square, what is the status quo of public chain NFT such as Bitcoin and EOS?

The only thing that comes to mind when it comes to NFT, is ethernet NFT games such as encrypted cats. Just as when you talk about DeFi, the default is Etay Square DeFi. Ethernet Square is really good enough in these areas, but I just like to show you something different. NFT has not only the ethernet Square in front of you, but also the competitors behind you. Next, I would like to introduce to you the NFT of the second world outside Ethernet Square.

NFT of Tai Tai Fong.
Some previous articles about NFT, in Etay Fong can already draw an outline, and we can use several sets of data to deduce the development direction of NFT in Etay Fong.

The overall market capitalization of ethernet NFT is as follows. The market size of ethernet NFT shown in the 2019 report may be less than that of a public chain. NFT is only a niche concept for the public chain and the blockchain industry as a whole, but its scene is imaginative enough.

Source: nonfungible data.

At present, Decentraland occupies the top position as a NFT game category, followed by Sorare Football Collection NFT. Combined with historical trading volume, it is easy to find that cryptographic art NFT is gradually occupying the market, which is also the current trend of NFT in Ethernet Fang. at the same time, combined with VR and AR to express NFT’s Somnium Space more intuitively, it may be popular in the future of VR equipment popularity.

The technology used in NFT is not complex, the barrier to release NFT is not high, and everyone can release their own NFT. At that time, I came up with the idea that your NFT can be any NFT, you want, similar to a variety of monsters, and imitate it when you encounter a NFT. Since the technology of NFT is the same, keep copying appearances, properties, and citing the URI of other NFT for cloning, you may only need a NFT.

However, teacher Cao believes that art itself has three points: first, the techniques, second, the artist’s background and ideas, and third, the status of art history. This is also the reason why Mr. Cao is keen on studying encryption art NFT recently. The ability of high artistic self-cultivation to appreciate works of art is not comparable to that of an ordinary NFT player. Invest in the works of potential artists, and as the artist continues to participate in exhibitions, the price of the artist’s works goes up.

The value of art belongs to art, which carries more than the value of NFT. Although the reproduction is technically perfect, it loses the soul of art.

Loom is classified by me as the etheric side chain. At present, the demise of Loom ecology is an indisputable fact. Perhaps only a few games can not support a huge public chain, and the reasons for Loom stranding will not be carried out here. Matic Network recently launched the main network, as the Ethernet Square two-layer network, its layout of the game category NFT can be really a lot, in addition to Axie Infinity, Decentraland, recently also joined EthernalWorld, Ethermon, SpellsofGenesis. Encryption cats are also about to migrate to the Flow public chain. I believe Matic can take advantage of its breakthrough advantage to do well what Loom has not done before, which will also be the most important change in ethernet NFT.

Recently, Ubisoft released a charity game, RabbidsToken, a set of 55 cute bunnies for people to collect, and the ETH was donated directly to the United Nations Children’s Fund, which can also be seen as the approval of the game development company.

The NFT ecology of Yi Tai Fong has experienced many upgrades, and Enjin and Opensea play an important role in having such a rich ecology.

NFT of Bitcoin.
Thanks to the archaeology of Dappreview, 2011 Colored Coin (color coins (Colored Coin (color coins) is the budding of NFT, and if the bitcoins can be marked, and these marked bitcoins can be traced, then these special bitcoins can produce many other uses. Of course, the future described by this token has been disillusioned, and NFT finally made a splendor in Tai Fong. The bitcoin side chain Liquid Network is not to be outdone, and the equipment (NFT) of the multiplayer battle game Light Nite will be released based on the bitcoin side chain Liquid Network. This means that player equipment such as the skin of clothes and weapons is no longer limited to a single game, and Liquid-based game assets can be traded outside the game, which is something to look forward to but not too much hope for.

Mythical Games, which raised $1600 w, is back with the Blankos Block Party Bate version, a MMO blockchain game that has bounced countless times because the team has participated in a luxurious lineup of well-known games (call of Duty, World of Warcraft, etc.). Before the game hits the ground, you can imagine it indefinitely, and the game will be summarized separately after experiencing the Beta version.

In addition to the halo dazzling game, there is also a silently working game team working on EOS’s NFT, Monster World Xpet. Not only deployed their own games in EOS, but also introduced the game to other public chains, such as IOST, COCOS, BOS.

Most of EOS’s expectations of NFT are that Blankos, Xpet dominates a NFT standard, but does not have the appeal of Enjin in Ethernet Fong, and most EOS games do not introduce the concept of NFT, so EOS’s NFT standard is not supported by any wallets. WAX is actually the public chain with the best development of NFT except Taifang. It is known as all mankind, creating the most convenient and secure way to create, purchase and sell virtual goods.

EOSIO-based WAX, relies on opskins, the largest Steam virtual goods market, which is rich in traffic and game resources, and does not rely heavily on EOSIO. Cloud Wallet, which does not need to create a wallet, can still use it as an Internet product to better capture users.

Recent news releases in cooperation with well-known IP have also been emerging:

Topps, a provider of sports and entertainment cards, will publish its digital collection on the WAX block chain.
Splinterlands games support WAX purchase.
Garbage Pail Kids and WAX jointly issue digital collections, and GPK’s status is similar to that of our raccoon’s plain noodles.
Peter DeBenedictis, Chief Marketing Officer for the Middle East and Africa of Microsoft, joined the WAX Advisory Board.

WAX is a public chain that focuses on digital collectibles and game props. The joint names of brands and the advantages of game resources can be brought into full play. Including support for WAX NFT in Bloks block browsers, which goes further than the EOS common chain itself. NFT of IOST.
After IOST introduced Xpet, the official and IOST took the lead in formulating the IRC721 standard.

The main feature of IRC721 is “Non-Fungible Token”, non-homogeneous pass, referred to as NFT for short. Each IRC721 token has a unique NFT ID logo and only one Owner.

In the application scenario with full consideration of digital assets and collections, the standardized operation of cross-chain transfer is proposed, which lays the foundation for IOST to expand the NFT scenario. Then on April 13th it opened up the trading market for NFT holders through malls similar to Opensea. Going back to our previous judgment on whether a public chain can be regarded as the killer of Ethernet Fong, the number of wallets that support IOST in terms of wallets is far less than that of Ethernet Square, and there are even fewer wallets that support the IOST NFT standard. The boutique blockchain games need to be launched, and the gap between them is still very obvious and does not pose a threat. Recently, the major public chains have clung to the DeFi ecology in order to catch up with the hot spots in the market, and it is not known whether there is a relevant layout of IOST.

NEO’s NFT standard was proposed as early as 2018 (, NNS (is similar to ENS’s simplified address service). However, NNS itself and NEO’s blockchain games are not widely used, and relying solely on a small range of applications is not enough to promote the use of the NFT standard. In addition to the lack of usage scenarios, the problems left by the original design of NEO also limited its development in the NFT field. Through NEO’s recent monthly report, you can capture NEO’s relayout of the NFT field. NEO 3.0 upgrade is imminent, which is bound to solve the remaining problems of NFT, the official formulation of standards, the introduction of IP and NFT games, and the laying of NFT infrastructure from wallets, browsers and trading markets, looking forward to the future performance of NEO in the NFT field.

After several years of development, there are not many blockchain games left on NEO, and if you are familiar with blockchain games, you can see at a glance that many of them are cross-chain games, the public chain of iron-made games, the public chain of public chain against Dapp development competition, these floating games are attracted by NEO, and then go to the next public chain, and these games almost do not use official NFT standards, resulting in empty NFT standards, but difficult to achieve NFT prosperity. Perhaps the next step is to put aside the game concept of NFT is more suitable for NEO.

ONT’s layout of NFT was in April this year, when the issue of the Noumenon creation NFT Commemorative Medallion introduced the concept of NFT. At the same time, my three games of encryption Hero, Hypersnake and Cloud Dragon support the game field of ONT. You may not have heard that the ontology also has NFT,. In fact, it is not surprising that there is no interaction on the official Weibo about NFT, and the reading volume of the official account is not high. In fact, the number of people who participate in ontology NFT activities depends on the accuracy of the percentage of decimal places cast, so you can calculate the actual number of people who participated in the vote. Like the problems encountered by other public chains, only a single wallet supports the NFT standard, not enough games and services use the NFT standard, and the function of NFT is weakened to Token. To deduce this part of the layout of ontology is not successful enough, and the probability of ontology relying on NFT to highlight the common chain in the future is not high.

NFT of Cocos-BCX.
The goal of Cocos-BCX is to create a complete multi-platform game operating environment, which will bring a new game experience and beyond the previous game form for blockchain game users, and all the assets acquired in the game will belong entirely to users. It also belongs to a solid public chain of games, and the development of NFT is very appropriate.

Online NFT Mall, but also made a more real expansion of the use of NFT, phone charges, change pizza, change T-shirts and other substantial exchange.

If NFT is only used in these physical exchange, it is too overqualified. As a well-known game development engine, a large number of game developer resources are gathered in Cocos-BCX. Dragon must die, Panda Games, Monster World, encrypted Knights and other block chain games use NFT standards, coupled with the official attention and support to NFT, in the game public chain, NFT field, there are not many opponents.

While taking advantage on the one hand, if Cocos-BCX can attach importance to the layout of infrastructure and introduce boutique games from Ethernet Square across chains, the name of the game public chain will live up to its name.

NFT of other common chains.
The first ArcBlock developer Conference will be held from June 20 to 21. Two NFT will be available for the 2-day conference, and tickets + NFT can be realized in ArcBlock. It is expected that NFT will get a lot of usage scenarios in this common chain. Conflux.
After learning that Conflux also has a decentralized exchange MoonDex, I also heard about some plans for the layout of NFT after Conflux. There are not many blockchain enterprises with their own virtual image, and the public chain has even less virtual image. The image of BBQ has penetrated into the depths of the users of the public chain, and every article, tutorial and poster have appeared. It’s a bit strange to mention Conflux, but many people will know which male chain it is when it comes to roasting. The culture generated by the virtual image of the public chain in the community will also derive all kinds of periphery, which is also one of the reasons for the popularity of dog coin and MEME culture. Cute barbecue dolls have become an extremely fast out-of-stock companion gift for every offline meeting. We look forward to the future development of NFT in Conflux.

The etheric public chain occupies most of the topics of the blockchain NFT, and almost all the voices of the discussion of NFT revolve around etheric square. However, in the second world outside Etay Square, other public chains are catching up and developing their own characteristic NFT market. The designers of each public chain have a different understanding of the concept of NFT. It is believed that the competitive NFT market can go faster.

However, this wave field Sun GE arrived a little late for a long time, whether the future wave field layout NFT, we wait and see?